Must-Visit Places and To-Do Things in the Heart of Paris

Louvre Guided Tour

Must-Visit Places In Paris

Paris has a lot to offer for everyone. From near the Pompidou Museum, you can get to an array of holy and medieval Parisian landmarks on foot. One of the adjacent places to Centre Pompidou is the “Ile De La Cité” an island in the River Seine. Cross the Seine to get to the island and then you can pay a visit to the Notre Dame a Parisian cathedral renowned for its gothic structure, stained glasses, and the gargoyles at the top.

Just nearby, you could get to the Sainte-Chapelle. The chapel in Paris houses a unique collection of Christian relics and has a gothic structure and stained glasses reminiscent of medieval France. If you have time available, you may want to take into account going to Conciergerie all in the heart of Paris city.

Just as you go through the landmarks one by one in your Paris tour, you could acquaint with what made the French capital into a historic place. In fact, your Paris tour guide may tell you La Conciergerie prison was where Queen Marie-Antoinette had spent the night before being executed during the French Revolution. The Louvre is not too far away, so you would want to include the museum into the must-visit landmarks in and around Centre Pompidou.

Since the Louvre is huge, and the number of visitors equally large, you may need to get a priced ticket to get a coveted entry into the museum. In the Louvre guided tour, you could get to the historic artwork Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and see an array of ancient artifacts, sculptures from select places around the world, and artist-specific exhibits that runs all year.