Why Visit Exhibition – Delacroix through a Louvre Guided Tour

Louvre Guided Tour

Louvre Art Exhibition

Musée du Louvre in Paris now exhibits a throwback exhibition dedicated to Eugène Delacroix. The monographic exhibit devoted to the French artist will run up to July 23, 2018, and will help those on a Louvre guided tour understand his body of work including ‘Liberty Leading the People’ and many other masterpieces.

Before this, most of Delacroix’s works of art were displayed at the museum in Paris city hundred years after his passing away in 1963. Now, the Louvre Museum exhibits the artworks by the French painter cum romanticist, including some of his oil canvas and watercolor paintings. The Delacroix exhibit also covers some of the illustrations that are collected from his journal, which further gives insights into the French painter’s work and life.

The Louvre loans works of art by the romantic painter from other museums besides using some of the private collections for Exhibition – Delacroix. His work, ‘La Liberté guidant le people’, is one of the photographed canvas painting in the Louvre Museum. The 1830 painting is part of the museum’s permanent collection and depicts a chapter from July Revolution and the notion of freedom. It features a woman striding forward raising the French flag in one hand and holding a weapon in the other with fellowmen following her.

The concept of the temporary exhibit hosted by the Louvre is to throw lights on Delacroix’s work considering events in French history that inspired the artist to strive for individuality among his 19th Century contemporaries. An interesting aspect of Delacroix’s composition is that the painter used a hue of yellow and blue in his brushstrokes letting the audiences to imagine green. His unique use of skills has had a lasting influence on his contemporaries.

At a time when painting styles on canvas were dominated by Impressionist and Cubist painters, Delacroix inspired romanticism. The 19th Century art movement focused on the influences, subjectivity, and preeminent status of an artist. Delacroix belonged to a league of his own, and had produced many of his influential works for a group of public exhibitions held throughout 18th and 19th Centuries, especially known as ‘Paris Salon’.

The annual exhibit of the Academie des Beaux-Arts was first held in 1667 at Salon Carré at Grande Galerie of Musée du Louvre. You can learn more about Delacroix’s life and his works when visiting the exhibition in your Louvre guided tour.