Beautiful Novels That Give you the Parisian Feel

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Reading is one of the most beautiful ways to travel far if you are not going for a vacation any time soon. There are many wonderful novels about Paris, which could take you on an awesome Paris city tour (figuratively). All these novels would really help you to discover the magnificent City of Lights if you cannot wait to see it. This is also a good way to revive your lovely memories of your previous Paris city tours. The following are a collection of good novels about Paris, which you would obviously love.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Victor Hugo

This interesting novel was published first in 1831. This novel would take you a long way back to Paris in 1482. One of the important locations featured in this novel is the Notre Dame Cathedral. This novel actually shares a very dark story with you and hence, you should not expect a happy ending in this book. The book has many things including architecture and drama. This classic novel is a very good option to learn more about the Paris and Notre Dame Cathedral of the Middle Age.

The Ladies’ Paradise – Emile Zola

Emile Zola is among the popular modern authors in France. The talented author has the ability to express situations and portraits in a realistic manner better than any other novelist. The Rougon-Macquart family saga has about 20 books and Ladies’ Paradise is the eleventh book of the series. This does not mean that you would have to read all the other nineteen books in order to understand the story because each story takes place in a different setting.

The novel as a whole tells you about a young woman who moved to Paris and has just begun her new life there. You would really fall in love with this beautiful novel if you are someone, who is interested in superbly written portraits, and classical and fashion love stories.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery

The elegance of the hedgehog is more of a contemporary novel. The book was published in 2008. This awesome novel was also the best seller in France at that time. Even now, this book is considered a good reference in the French literary arena. Muriel Barbery, who wrote this awesome book, was actually a philosophy teacher. The story of this novel could be seen taking place in a Parisian building situated in the Left Bank.