Best Cafés for Enjoying Roasted Coffee in Paris

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Best Cafés In Paris

Roasted coffee is a specialty of Paris with numerous coffee shops spread around the city. Most of these coffee shops use rich roasted coffee beans sourced from within the city and from outside. The result is a rich aromatic delicacy that tells about the city and its relation with cafés and coffee shops. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the numerous cafés located in the city is one of the favorite pastimes of Parisians.

Visitors on a Paris city tour have also taken to this habit and swarms around the cafés in Parisian streets just to experience this crude yet traditional way of the city. Some of these coffee shops are so popular today that even guided Paris city tour programs include them in their itineraries. Below is a list of the best cafés for enjoying roasted coffee in Paris.

KB Café

Visitors looking for different varieties of coffee or experimenting with new blends will find KB Café the ideal spot. It features seasoned craft roasters that offer new kinds of coffee blends that are equally delicious considering their distinctive roasting techniques. The limited seating will make it difficult for visitors though, yet the outdoor terrace offers an ideal setting to enjoy your coffee.

Coutume Café

Coutume Café ushered in the new era of offering craft roasted coffee in Paris. Its specialties include purely roasted coffees and the contemporary interior setting offers the perfect way to enjoy its fine blend of espressos. It is a favorite place for youngsters and a great way for visitors to experience the new wave of café culture in Paris.


Located in North Marais neighborhood of Paris, Fondation is a great café to enjoy roasted coffee. The Café itself is small with only a few tables, but is ideal for visitors taking a short break amidst their sightseeing programs. Fondation offers roasted coffee sourced locally from Belleville Brulerie located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Café Loustic

Café Loustic is yet another favored coffee shop among the Parisians. Located near the Centre George Pompidou, Café Roustic has some of the best craft roasting professionals from around the world that offer a truly distinctive flavor in their coffee. Chai Tea is one of their chief specialties and the best in the whole city.

Café Lomi

Yet another modern coffee shop, Café Lomi located in the 18th arrondissement is a favorite place for natives as well as for visitors on a Paris city tour. Besides the excellent coffee varieties, Café Lomi also provides an exciting food menu comprising of filling brunch and several pastries.