Fascinating Facts about Place Du Tertre

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Place Du Tertre Facts

Montmartre’s hilltop village, Place Du Tertre has an exciting history. Place Du Tertre was actually a quaint village, which was covered in windmills, vineyards, and little farms before it became a tourist destination in Paris. This fascinating village eventually went on to become a haven for artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Maurice Utrillo, and Toulouse-Lautrec.

The artistic heritage of Place Du Tertre can be still seen on each street of the village. You can easily find several artists offering portrait sessions and selling their elegant canvasses on each corner of the hilltop village. If you are an art lover, then your Paris city tour must include a visit to Place Du Tertre. Below are a few interesting facts about Place Du Tertre that will urge you to visit the place when you are going on Paris walking tours.

The Meaning

Several tourists have a misconception that the word “Tertre” is just a derivative of Montmartre. The reality is that “Tertre” means a “small hill” or “hillock” and the name means a “public square”. This implies that the word “Place du Tertre” means nothing more than a simple descriptive name, as it sits on the top of the largest hill of Paris.


Place Du Tertre is one of the most visited squares in the city, which means competition for space on this place will be fierce. However, a tiny space of approximately 3 square feet is allocated between two artists on alternative days. Moreover, the only kind of art allowed on this place is silhouettes, caricatures, portraits, and paintings.

The Word “Bistro”

Many Parisians claim that the word “Bistro” was invented at La Mère Catherine, which is the oldest restaurant in the square. It was opened during the Russian occupation right after the historic Battle of Paris in the early 18th Century. The Russian soldiers would even shout “Bistro” when they were having alcoholic beverages with their fellow soldiers.

The Little Run

You might be a little shocked to hear the fact that a little train runs through Montmartre. This incredibly cute little train transports Parisians and tourists through the hilly and winding streets of Montmartre. If you are visiting Paris, make sure to take a trip on the little train with your kids because it will surely add more excitement to your Paris city tour.