How to Drink Coffee like a Parisian in the French Capital

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Paris city is renowned for delicious wines, cheese, and other French delicacies. Similarly, Parisians also love savoring a cup of coffee while enjoying the morning rays or evening lights. However, the reputation of coffee shops in the city is bitter and weak.

Even though there are many unremarkable local breweries in the city, you must follow certain rules in order to enjoy your coffee tasting experience to the fullest. Below are some of those rules that will help you to blend with the fashionable crowd in the French city, so that you can relish your coffee like a true native during your Paris city tours.

Forget Large Milky Mugfuls in the Afternoons

The drink of most French people after 10:00 am is mainly an espresso or un café, and hence, do not expect large mugfuls of milky coffee in the cafes. The only place you can see the locals in the city gulping such milky brew will be during their breakfast, at home.

Besides, Parisians usually serve their coffee in a bowl rather than in a coffee mug. They also love having the slightly turgid left over baguette of the previous night along with their morning coffee. This may not sound that appealing, but Parisians love to start their day like this rather than with a delectable treat.

Make Morning Meals of Coffee with Tartines and Croissants

This is one of the classic Parisian breakfasts, which are readily available in almost every classic restaurant in the city. So, if you wake up early and want to have one, step into any of the traditional cafés in Paris and enjoy the morning meal.

This traditional meal ideally includes a glass of fresh orange juice, which is locally known as café au lait, a thin toasted baguette or tartine, which is ideally served with butter or jam, and croissants. This power pack meal, that is rich in caffeine and sugar, is perfect to start your day.

Know Exactly What you Need

Do not expect a menu in every Parisian café, especially during certain hours of the day; so, you must be well aware of what you need. However, there will be no room for much confusion as the choices of coffees are limited in Paris city.

The mains brews that you can expect in the French capital include café au lait, the café, the grand café cream, the café allonge, etc. You can also get a blend of espresso and steamed milk that is topped with foam, café noisette, which is actually an espresso but with a stroke of hot milk, and a watered down espresso that usually resembles an American coffee.