The Castle Way to the Loire Valley

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Those on a weeklong Paris city tour pay a visit to the Loire Valley situated 200 kilometers south of Paris. The valley spans an area of 280 kilometers within the region of Centre-Val de Loire. Tourists to the valley will have and enjoyable stay to discover the attractions of the region. The bustling Parisians might turn up in huge numbers during special occasions. It takes a single day to reach the Valley, with expected stops on some of the French castles along the way.

The De Chambord

The De Chambord castle dates back to the days of King Francis I. The story goes that the king came back from Italy after a combat failure, and out of wanting to succeed, copied the Italian spiral staircases. Take one of the flights yourselves and put your loved one on the other flight of the staircase and you may never see crossing each other.

The De Chenonceau

Castle spanning across the bridge above the Cher River is situated in the Indre-et-Loire, and adjacent to Loire Valley. It was here that King Henry II mistress and queen had a sparring duel to ouster one another. Who won the fight is part of history, but following the King’s demise, the queen did regain power. Well, chances are your Paris city tour guide might know the tale of treason and redemption.

Private Castle

In case if you feel like filling the stomach, there are secondary castles, the private castle is famous among Parisians. Look nowhere but the tour guide for contacts of private castle owners in the Loire Valley. You would have a laughing good time hearing fluke stories as well.

How to Get to the Loire Valley?

Simple! You could spend up to four hours on the road and talk about wartime stories along the way. The freewheeling chatter on various subjects is one of the fun aspects of a Paris city tour. When it is about Loire Valley, there is something about the place; the stomping ground of kings and queens also has vintage wines.

Then again, it all depends on how congested the traffic is. If the Parisians also turn in large numbers and stomp the place, it might take more than four hours to reach the Loire Valley.