Tips for Exploring the French Capital in the Summer

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Paris is always enticing irrespective of the season, weather, or time. In fact, the French capital will be one of the dream destinations of almost every person who is wanderlust. However, the ambiance of the city will be entirely different, or say, astonishing during the summer days making it a must-visit time.

Why Visit Paris during the Summer

There will be many interesting events and festivals in the city in summer, which are sure to make your Paris city tour ever memorable and exciting. Apart from that, the days will be longer and the night outs in the muggy days will be really fun during the summer season. Hence, it is the best time to plan your Paris city tour.

Note that since this is the tourist season in Paris, proper planning is really crucial in order to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. In addition, keep umbrellas or raincoats also in hand, as you cannot strike out the chances of unexpected rains or thunderstorm here even during summertime. Below are some of the best things that you can do in the French capital during the sunny days.

Festival Season

Summertime is the ultimate festival time in the city, and so, each and every tourist will be entertained to the core. This is the ideal time for travelers who love to dwell in the culture of the city as most of the festivals conducted here are mainly based on different Parisian cultures. Apart from this, there are many free things that you can do in Paris at this time. For instance, consider the Fete da la Musique, which is a street music festival in Paris. Similarly, the La Villette open-air cinema festival is also free. These are two of the top-rated summer highlights in Paris.

Foreign City

Paris is always a welcoming city, and naturally, the number of visitors flocking to the city is increasing every other day. In summer, the traveling experience will be different as most of the Parisians will be on their vacation. So, you are more likely to see foreign people here when compared to Parisians, especially in the metro and caf├ęs. This will give you the luxury to explore the city on your own terms during summer. Besides, you also get to meet people from all around the globe.


The opportunities for enjoying a great nightlife is comparatively more during the summer since the atmosphere is calm and carefree now. The best night activity that you may consider is a peaceful stroll along the Seine River and some of the best parks and gardens in the city. Else, go for a dinner cruise with your partner for a romantic night-out. Other than this, there are also some extremely vibrant and cozy nightclubs in Paris, where you can rock to the core.