Top 5 Architectural Highlights in Louvre Museum in Paris

Louvre Guided Tour

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The rooms in Musée du Louvre still have the royal ambience of the former palatial home situated on the Right Bank of Paris. Take a Louvre guided tour to experience the royal palace’s architecture, including the Grand Staircase, the pyramid by I.M. Pei, and some of these palatial rooms turned galleries.

The Gallery Housing 19th Century French Paintings

If you have ever opened a history textbook in high school, some of it will spring back to your mind when you tour the galleries of Louvre Museum. Nowhere this can be as pronounced as in the Denon Wing of the museum that houses large-format French paintings tracing back to the 19th Century. They include Delacroix’s famous painting made during the July Revolution of 1830, Liberty Leading the People, and several architectural highlights.

Staircase Featuring Winged Victory of Samothrace

Just as you climb up to reach a room in Denon Wing of the Louvre, you will get to see this headless statue representing the Greek goddess, Nike. The sculpture sits on a ship’s prow and is one of the top works of art in Louvre Museum. This summer, the replica of this statue is set to be erected on the Greek island named Samothrace. However, the original marble statue will remain a part of Louvre Museum tours.

Courtyards Covered in Glass Ceilings in Richelieu Wing

There are two glass-covered courtyards in the museum’s wing in the first level and both houses striking marble sculptures and are interspersed with trees. All this make the courtyards’ ambience more like a garden tucked inside the museum. When you see it under sunlight emitting through the glass ceilings here, you will admire the beauty of the statues even more. What’s more, there are several benches to take a seat and enjoy the sights on display.

The Salon of Napoleon III Apartments

Once you see plenty of masterful works of art on a Louvre guided tour, make it a point to reach the room number 87 in Richelieu Wing to get a contrast from what you have experienced up until then. The Grand Salon is filled with upholstery comparable to those in Versailles Palace. The painting of Eugénie de Montijo, who was Napoleon III’s wife, plastered on the wall is impressive, and so is the adjacent palatial room.

Lefuel Staircase

The staircase that spirals along Richelieu Wing seems more of an optical illusion if viewed from certain top angles. It was designed by the French architect, Hector-Martin Lefuel, and is one of the staircases in the Louvre giving a surreal feel to the onlookers.