Top Tourist Goof-Ups in Paris

Paris City Tour
Paris City Tour

Top Tourist Goof-Ups

In a city like Paris, tourist goof-ups are such a rarity. Paris city tour itself is one of the world’s biggest attractions, leaving tourists to swoon over numerous sightseeing places. Go, slow folks, for as the saying goes slow and steady wins the race.

Taking Poor French Correspondence

A lot of tourist does not know this, but actually, “adieu” is a Spanish word, not French. Unlike the Italian word “arrivederci”, the similarity between Spanish and French makes them both inseparable for correspondence. Not that all Europeans are caught unaware, but the word meaning “goodbye” in French is actually “au revoir”.

Staying Back in the Wrong Side of France

Paris walking tours spread over 20 districts or arrondissements. It becomes a rendezvous with skulduggery for an anonymous tourist crossing the French capital with no knowledge of geography. Get stuck in a district, and try saying “Hey, Ami! Where is the 7th arrondissement?” The automatic reply would be “Well amigo, it is to the far side and next to the Eiffel Tower.”

Spending Too Much on Local Transport

Some tourists may know that tourist hubs in Paris are actually at walkable distances. From Montmartre, it barely takes an hour or so to reach the Seine, depending on whether you carry a bag of fries or nothing. Parisians may say otherwise, but Paris walking tours show 2.5 kilometers from Notre Dame to the Eifel Tower, even as metros cover some hubs.

Staying Open to Usual Suspects

A city inviting millions of tourist year-on-year only has usual suspects getting away with a petty crime. Oddly enough, they pop up mostly at night with groping hands to snatch the purse. On a serious note, the odds are in your favor if you are with a Paris city tour guide evading tourist traps. A smart statistic highlights 1 gullible tourist for 365,000 passengers in Paris metros.

Carrying Excess Baggage in Metros

No matter whether you are in a Paris city tour or touring elsewhere, you need excess baggage only while flying back home. Oftentimes, trolley bag comes in handy when swapping nodal points in Paris, as the metros provide access so long as you manage. Even when you are on Paris walking tours, you would require a lot of climbing upscale out of the trains.

What makes the Paris city tour excitable is the sightseeing hubs open for public. Good luck covering all nooks and corners in Paris; the population density here is high.