Where to Find Antique Products in Paris City

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The art dealers have antique shops spread across arrondissements to both the Left and Right Bank of Paris. One of the exciting things of walking through the cobblestoned streets in the capital city is the opportunity to shop antiquities. The antique stores in Paris city sell vintage products, some of which include second hand traced back from the French past.

One of the best shops in Paris, where you can buy precious works of arts is the Louvre des Antiquaires at 2 Place du Palais Royal. If you go to the left flank of the 7th arrondissement, the art dealers have shops lined up along the streets. If you can make it to the Parisian streets to find antique shops in the seventh district, you can find several shops in Quai Voltaire and 16 rue des Saints-Pères.

In Le Village Saint-Paul situated in the midst of Le Marais in the fourth arrondissement area, you can find plenty of stores and studios that sell antique furniture. In the weekends, those shops in the district come abuzz with a flurry of sightseers. Au Petit Bonheur la Chance situated along 13 rue Saint-Paul have a collection of vintage toys and notebooks, two items which you can take back home as souvenir pieces from the capital city.

The flea markets in the Parisian suburbs sell secondhand items to customers, who want nothing but a bargain. In the open air markets that only operate temporarily such as during weekends bargaining and counter sales are a commonplace activity not only by the French but tourists as well. Some of the flea markets in Paris include Puces de Vanves, Marché de Saint Ouen, and Puces de Montreuil. During the weekdays, however, you can find streetside markets selling everything from trinkets to clothes.

Small Parisian markets are organized by French dealers, who plan to sellout used products emptied from attics of homes in the capital city. In local language, such types of markets conduct ‘vide-greniers’, which sells vintage clothes and other secondhand items. The sellers in such markets are friendly to the customers, who come fleeting by with a set price tag in mind. No matter where you choose to go when on Paris walking tours, be it an antique store, a flea market, or vide-greniers, there is an antique to be found.