About Us

Visiting Paris for the first time? We can help you turn a good trip into a great one. The City of Lights offers up myriad possibilities for enjoyment and satisfaction to every tourist, but it is a common thing for people to get so completely taken in by the place that they forget to enjoy themselves as much as they intended to. We’ve seen it happen enough times to know it can waste your money and time. And while wonder has its place, you need a well-laid plan for your trip to have included enough valuable experiences.

We can visualize your trip in terms of logistics so that you can focus on the finer aspects of French living and what it feels like. Whether you like food, art, history, or culture, you will definitely need a plan with regard to places to visit and things to do. A hodgepodge of activities cannot get you far, but staying organized can definitely make things easier, and give everyone in your group the time and space they need to form good memories. We know good memories matter, because that’s what a lot of our past clients often thank us for helping them achieve. Our years of experience on the scene give us the advantage of knowing what works where and when, as well as for whom. For instance, if your kids would rather sleep in the rented apartment while you finally fulfilled your dream of visiting the Louvre, that is probably for the best.

We can advise you on the best commute options, as well as shortcuts to take if you ever need them. If you prefer going off the beaten path in your free time, we can help there too. Our address book has a wealth of spots that carry diverse ambiances, and based on the mood you are looking to get for an evening or afternoon, we can help you figure out where to best spend your time. Some of these places almost never get found by tourists, which is what makes them treasures of a different sort. Suffice to say that everyone wishes for a level of uniqueness to their trips abroad, and we can help you get exactly that. Just be sure to call us before you leave for Pairs, and head us up on how long you are planning to stay.