Notable Artifacts to See in the British Museum

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British Museum Artifacts

The British Museum hosts some of the most valuable and noteworthy artifacts from history. These pieces displayed in the museum offers the visitors a glimpse into the thriving civilizations that once existed in numerous parts of the world. Many tour British Museum programs have included it in their must view visit places list. The museum attracts a steady stream of visitors from around the world.

Most visitors miss out many of these important artifacts while visiting due to the presence of many rooms and exhibits displayed. Moreover, the crowd of visitors will prevent one from viewing many of these notable artifacts displayed in the museum. Below is a compilation of the most important artifacts displayed in the British Museum that will help you on your next visit.

Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs

The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs are one of the most notable artifacts displayed in the British Museum. Originated from around 650 BC, these reliefs depict lion hunting as the favorite sport of kings and dentists. The reliefs are known for presenting the details of this lion hunting sport in a highly detailed manner. The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs are located in Room 10a of the museum.

Colossal Horse from Halikarnassos

The Colossal Horse is a huge marble structure exhibited in Room 21 of the British Museum. The room houses the Mausoleum at Halikarnassos a tomb built for king Maussollos of Karia, south west Turkey that was built in the 4th century BC. Besides, the structure also hosts numerous sculptures and numerous colossal freestanding statues such as this fragment of marble horse and four-horse chariot.

Clarence’s Truck

Clarence’s Truck is a modern artifact displayed in the British Museum. It was created in 1998 by Clarence Lee a Navajo silversmith and is a perfect example of the exemplary tradition of Native American metalworking that dates back to 150 years. This piece offers a glimpse into the cultural history of the region. The Clarence’s Truck is exhibited in Room 26 of the British Museum.

Three Human Figurines

The Three Human Figurines are another prominent artifact that is displayed in the British Museum. Made of clay these figurines originated from Bad edh-Dhra located near the Dead Sea and is five thousand years old. The figurines are housed in Room 59 of the British Museum.

Prosthetic Toe

This prosthetic toe is dated back to 600 BC in ancient Egypt. Located in Room 63, this incredible artifact is credited as the world’s first prosthetic piece. The prosthetic toe is one among the several other artifacts from ancient Egypt displayed in the British Museum.