Tips to Make the Most of your British Museum Guided Tour

British Museum Guided Tour

British Museum Tour Tips

Your visit to London will not be complete without going on a British Museum guided tour. This is because British Museum is one of the major highlights of London and it is an absolute treat for every travel enthusiast. Thousands of tourists from all around the world visit the museum to see the excellent historic artifacts that are housed inside the structure.

In addition to that, another major factor that attracts visitors to the British Museum is that the admission to the museum is completely free. More than 6.7 million tourists visited the museum in the year 2013, which means that the museum will be always a bit crowded.

You will have to accept the fact that you might not be able to see all the artifacts that are housed in the museum. So, if you are planning to go on a British Museum guided tour while you are in the city, it is best to compile a list of artifacts that you want to see before arriving at the museum.

Below are a few simple tips that will help you make the most of your British Museum guided tour.

Avoid Peak Times

The British Museum will be always crowded and it is neither the quietest spot in the city. However, you can avoid peak times and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at the Museum. Try to arrive at the British Museum for the 10:00 am opening or on a Friday when the British Museum will be closing at 05:30 pm. Note that there will be large crowds at the museum if there are any special temporary exhibitions.

Visit the Famous Sights First

You should head straight to the famous artifacts that you do not want to miss in the museum. The Rosetta Stone, housed in the room 4 of the museum, should be your first target, and then you can pick the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery, which is on the ground floor of the museum.

Do not Neglect the Lesser Known Galleries

The British Museum has fascinating and beautiful objects from all over the world and each one of the items that is housed in the Museum is precious and historically significant. So, try to visit the Japanese Galleries, Egyptian Galleries, and the Prints and Drawings galleries before ending your British Museum guided tour.