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Laughter is the most affordable and the best medicine. Watching comedy movies can come up with some benefits of its own. After a bothersome day, you can always make time to laugh at the hilarious shows and films of all time. To new movies Telugu, you can use Aha, an OTT platform with many hilarious movies and shows. Some recommendations to have a fun time First day First Show and Ori Devuda. These movies are Hilarious, and a fun time is guaranteed.

A Fun Time with some tea and snacks

Watching comedies can improve your mental health. It is scientifically evident that laughter can improve your brain efficiency and productivity. There are numerous hilarious movies for you to watch. Furthermore, the film First day First show is one of a kind. It starts with a scene from a 2001 college love. It gives you a sense of that puppy love. The college student Srinivas is a die-hard fan of Power Kalyan. Falling in love with his college mate Laya. However, at some point, the movie starts to get a little dull and monotonous, but still, it’s a burst of good laughter.

Whereas the story of Ori Devuda is a complete blaster with a whole bunch of laughs. The movie starts with two childhood buddies, Arjun and Anu, who get married for their new life. However, after Arjun joins his father-in-law’s office, he starts to fall for his school senior. As a result, he wants to get a divorce from Anu until Ventakesh, who is playing the role of god, enters the movie. He gives Arjun a chance to resurrect his wedding life. Overall, the movie is good and filled with laughter. This film somewhat looks like an ordinary love story but its touch of fantasy makes it unique.

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Stress, stress, stress is the mantra of everyone’s life these days. Even a 12-year-old is stressed, so at this point, everyone must have some time for enjoyment. Hence, enjoying hilarious Telugu comedy movies can help you to have a good time. Do you like to watch hilarious films tune in to the OTT platform for more? To search for more content like this and contrast. Moreover, check out the No1 Telugu OTT platform, which has numerous shows for your weekly entertainment. L