Exploring the Other Side of London in East End and Old City

London Old City

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London is different from most cities in Europe solely on the fact that it is a true blend of the old and the new. The historical monuments and modern eye-catching attractions promise something much delightful to the visitors arriving at this city. There is more to see in London besides the popular attractions situated in the heart of the city. The East End of London or simply the East End is one such place to explore.

East London is a neglected place among visitors mainly because they are unaware that there exists such a wonderful area on the eastern side of the city. The Old City, also known as the City of London, is the central portion of London and major historical monuments and remnants are located here. So while planning for a visit to London, it is best to prepare an itinerary that covers these two vital areas of the city.

In fact, visiting these places could give a totally different experience of London than a normal tour would that covers only the popular tourist attractions of the city. East End and London Old City are historically rich and are a mixture of the old and the new that promises everyone a delighting and informative experience of London and its past.

East End

East End comprises the areas of Central, East London, London Dockland, and other parts of the city. It was the place of the working classes of the city and was infamous for its history of crimes, poverty, and degradation. The place is more famous for being the site of the notorious Jack the Ripper and his celebrated killings that shook London and the world in those days.

East End did not belong to London in the past, as it remained separated by the ancient Roman walls. The place was filled with immigrants and the destitute who could not afford to live in the more prosperous areas of London. East End was also the place that experienced heavy aerial bombing during the Second World War.

Today, East End is a prospering area of London with many interesting buildings converted from the old homes and warehouses that once stood in the place. It also has a thriving hipster art movement that can be seen in the many graffiti and street art that adorn the walls.

Sights to See

East End is now a vibrant and lively portion of London that has a huge diversity of various cultures. The place has some of the unique markets in the world such as the Spitalfields, Petticoat Lane, Brick Lane, Whitechapel, Roman Road, and Columbia Road. The numerous curry houses, an import from the Indian subcontinent, is one of the most notable culinary delights to enjoy in the area.

East End is also notable for its numerous museums and art galleries. A walk through the narrow alleys and docks offers a glimpse into the past of the area. The V&A Museum of Childhood is one prominent museum located here that consists of the largest collection of toys in the country. The Museum of the London Docklands and the Geffrye Museum are other major museums to visit in East London.

Visitors can also enjoy a leisurely stroll at the Victoria Park, a lavish green park spread across 218 acres in the area. The Japanese Pagoda, Pavilion Café, gardens, and children’s play area are notable attractions inside the Victoria Park. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the site of the 2012 Olympics, is also a major attraction in East End.

London Old City

The Old City is not the name of a particular place in London, but is an area where some of the historical monuments and places are located. The area is known as the oldest in London and its origins can be attributed to the Romans founding of the city of Londinium. As the oldest part of London, the place is famous for the Great Fire that devastated London in 1666.

The place is now a thriving financial industry of London where some prominent institutions such as the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, and numerous other financial and investment centers are based. The place has a mix of both old and modern buildings as well as various traditions that make it one area to surely visit during a tour to London.

Sights to See

The area that comprises the Old City of London has some of the most notable attractions in the city. As one of the oldest regions of London, this area has a mix of both historically significant monument and modern buildings. One of the most famous attractions in the City of London is the St Paul’s Cathedral notable for its majestic architecture and dome. The historical fortress, the Tower of London is another one that takes the visitors on a date with the past.

The Tower Bridge that forms one iconic trademark of London is located here and is known for offering a great view across the River Thames. There are several noteworthy buildings in the areas such as The Cheesegrater, Gherkin, and the 30 St Mary Axe. Visitors can also enjoy a range of cuisines at the many eateries and restaurants spread across the region. Besides, the historic Leadenhall Market and Old Spitalfields Market are great places to do some shopping.