3 Best Parisian Markets Worth Visiting When you are on Paris Walking Tours

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There is a shopping opportunity in each and every district in Paris. With many places to shop from while touring the city, you may need a compilation list rounding up the best shopping places. While the covered markets in the city stay open for most of the days, the open-air markets open for two to three days, usually morning until afternoon. The covered markets will offer fresh produce and brunches for breakfast, whereas flea markets will offer odds and ends alongside. Below is a look at the best Parisian markets to explore after you finish your Louvre guided tour.

Marché des Enfants Rouges

The oldest existing market in Le Marais is a covered market on Rue de Bretagne Street. It traces back to the early 17th Century, and was found to cater the Parisians in Marais district. It is named after a charitable orphanage, which used to reside there in the past. Although it was closed during the French revolution, Marché des Enfants Rouges was rehabilitated as a food market in 2000. The market has stores selling everything from fresh produce to ready to eat foods to the public, and it stays closed only on Mondays.

Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen

Saint-Ouen flea market in Rue des Rosiers street stays open from Saturdays to Mondays. Opened in 2001 in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, it is worth a visit especially if you are looking for second-hand books, toys, photos, antiques, and other miscellaneous articles when on private Paris walking tours. It spans around seven hectares and comprises of more than a dozen submarkets. The best time to experience the fun of shopping in the open air market is on Sundays. One of the attractions here is Ma Cocotte a canteen designed by the French designer Phillipe Starck.

Rue Montorgueil Street

Rue Montorgueil resides nearby the previous central market of Les Halles de Paris. The cobblestone street is lined up with popular food stalls, restaurants, and boutiques, and is widely considered as a foodie’s paradise. To explore this street when you are on a Paris trip means to taste French gourmet food and bustling Parisian culture. It is home to the oldest pastry shop in Paris city Pâtissier Stohrer, which sells bakery products including the trademark ‘Rum Baba’ a cake soaked in delicious rum. Moreover, Rue Montorgueil is replete with chocolate shops and affordable bistros, which are well worth a visit too.