Top Five Independent Cinema Houses to Visit in London

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Independent cinema houses are a major attraction of London. In fact, there are many of them in and around the city, which testifies Londoners’ love for cinema from around the world. The thriving independent cinema venues in the city are an excellent opportunity for visitors to see a variety of cinema during their walking tours of London.

These cinema houses mainly exhibit films from foreign lands and a good collection of films made in the country. Visitors who have a taste for indie and foreign language films will find this independent cinema houses in London a truly rewarding experience. Below is a list of the top five independent cinema houses to visit in London.

BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank is one prominent independent cinema house in London. With four screens, this cinema exhibits a wide range of films ranging from classics to foreign language and independent films. BFI Southbank is also the venue for hosting the BFI London Film Festival that offers a varied mix of films sourced from both the country and abroad. It is the ideal place to watch critically acclaimed and lesser-known films from foreign countries.

Electric Cinema

One of the oldest functioning cinema houses in London, Electric Cinema is known for offering its distinctive movie-going experience. Its exquisitely crafted interiors along with the leather armchairs and side tablets offer a totally relaxed and comfortable movie viewing experience to the visitor. The cinema also has double beds with cashmere blankets that will satisfy those who wish to enjoy cinema like at their own home.


London’s only independent multiplex cinema house, Peckhamplex is one of the best and highly popular movie houses in the city because of its cheap ticket rates. The six screens will show a mix of both art house/independent and blockbuster films. Besides, Peckhamplex also hosts several events and Q&A sessions that are highly informative and useful.

Cine Lumiere

Cine Lumiere is yet another best independent cinema houses in London. This cinema house is a part of the Institute Francais and located inside its decorated building. Cine Lumiere holds a regular screening of world cinema including European and French classics. It is one of the best cinema houses in London to visit for watching foreign films.

Regent Street Cinema

The Regent Street Cinema has a rich historical legacy owing to the fact that it was here that the Lumiere Brothers showcased a public exhibition of their revolutionary Cinematographe. It was restored in 2015 and is currently the only cinema in London that projects in 16 mm, 35 mm, and 4K digital formats. Obviously, visiting the cinema would be an amazing experience for visitors on walking tours of London.