What Tourists Could See in the New Wembley Stadium

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Ordinary people would never get to play football at the new Wembley Stadium as the erstwhile English footballers, but you could still visit the England dressing room and do more in the Wembley Stadium. In fact, you can take a detour to the Wembley Stadium during your London walking tours and explore word class facilities and music in about an hour.

In 2013, the European Champions League final unraveled in the Wembley Stadium and that too, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of FA. Even if you are going to the Wembley Stadium alone, you can wear an England Jersey and show your passion for football. Below are three things about the new Wembley Stadium and as to what makes it an enchanting tourist place.

Stadium Facilities

The new Wembley Stadium is barely a decade old, but the stadium’s history traces back to the year 1923. There are up to 90,000 seats in the stadium. Players climb up to 107 steps before lifting a football trophy in the new Wembley Stadium such as the Champions trophy or the FA Cup. Visitors could climb those steps and experience the similar kind of passion and enthusiasm, which players may have felt in the Wembley Stadium.

The Press Box

Managers hold meetings in the Wembley Stadium press box. The Wembley Stadium press box near the East and West media lounges has a seating capacity of 400 people, catering area, and wireless internet connections. Even tourists could go to the press box and get a feel of what club managers and members of the football team experience actually.

Raising the FA Cup

The London walking tours to the Wembley Stadium would be complete only if you raise the FA cup. England won the 1966 World Cup in dramatic style in the Wembley Stadium, and raising the cup would be an amazing experience. Don’t worry about the smudges you might put on the shiny trophy – the cup given to visitors is the exact replica of the FA Cup and not the original.

Access the Wembley arena through walking tours of London and enjoy music concerts in the Wembley Arena. You can access the Wembley Arena and the Wembley Stadium through the Wembley Park tube metro station.