Best Wine Tasting Experience in Paris

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris will be the ultimate tourist destination for most passionate travelers, as the city offers various things to do and see for all. Besides the popular sights to see in Paris, the French capital is also famous for its mouthwatering delicacies and wines.

There are many wine cellars and bars in the city, where you can savor the best wines in your life. Below are some best places in Paris, which will give you an exciting and memorable wine tasting experience.

Cours de Degustation

One of the best ways to enjoy the world-renowned French wine is to take part in the Cours de Degustation. This is a class to enhance your sommelier skills. Here, you can learn about different types of wines and the ways to serve and drink it. There will be some sommelier veterans to assist you and you are free to clear all your doubts about wines with them.

Les Caves du Louvre

This is a historic wine cellar in Paris, which is established by the sommelier of King Louis XV. This was renovated after many centuries and converted to an incredible wine cellar and opened it to the public. The wine tasting session and workshops conducted here, which uses both old and modern technologies, are popular among the natives and tourists alike.

Here, you can enhance your sommelier skills and purchase some French wine as well. Furthermore, you can enjoy this great wine experience daily from Les caves du Louvre in between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Parisians’ Home

There is no better place than a Parisian’s home to enjoy the taste of authentic wines. Along with the best wine, you can also enjoy the company of Parisians. In the luxury of their home, you can learn about different types of French wines and also hear about their wine tasting expertise. There are many online websites, through which you can book for this beautiful opportunity.


Localers is actually a tour company in Paris, that offers one of the best wine tasting classes. Here, a wine expert will conduct a 2-hour class, which includes the history of wine, some wine tasting adventures, sampling some selected wines, etc. All the wines used here are selected from most esteemed vineyards in France.


This is a wine tasting class situated in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Here, you will be trained by sommelier specialists and veterans from different parts of the world. The classes here are very informative and fun-filled, and you are free to choose the classes that suit your tastes and interests.