How to Spend a Fun-Filled Sunday Afternoon in Paris City

Louvre Museum Tours

Louvre Museum Exhibits

Paris in weekends throws up plenty of exciting activities and must-visit places, especially on the last day of the week. Museums and public parks usually stay open on all Sundays in the City of Lights. If you are into fine arts, architecture or simply fun, the French capital has a lot of places that can make your Sundays worthwhile.

The Louvre Museum

The former palatial home in Paris is a must-visit for the pyramid on Cour Napoléon, the decorations on its vaulted ceilings and an extensive collection of artworks. The Musée du Louvre has some of the best works of art that trace back to Bronze Age and Neolithic Period. Its permanent galleries are free to visit on the first Sunday of every month starting from October to March.

You can take Louvre Museum tours and see its permanent collections for free from 09:00 am till 06:00 pm on the coming Easter Sunday. Note that if you want to see temporary exhibits in the Louvre, you can get tickets for a coveted entry.

Manoir de Paris

This haunted house in Paris offers an interactive trip through its two floors with urban legends and fictional characters hidden in the dark. It is a fun way to acquaint with the past urban legends such as the mysterious ‘Man in the Iron Mask,’ a fictional character from Victor Hugo novel, and even crocodile of the sewers underneath the Parisian streets.

A visit to Manoir de Paris means to walk around dark passageways replete with all these. Test how well you can muster courage by walking the hallways of the haunted house with a ticket on each Sunday from 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

Escape Game

The capital city has plenty of escape rooms that provide this fun-filled game, wherein participants solve riddles and puzzles by relying on hints to achieve a specific task. This escape the room conceptual game is inspired by video games with a blend of immersive universes such as underground bunkers or rehab facilities.

Over the course of an hour or so, people will enact an investigator’s role inside an “Escape Room” to find keys or handle certain objects that let come out of a wall they are stuck. In order to come out with flying colors, channel your inner “Sherlock Holmes” to decode the hints.