The Best Bakeries in Paris

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Paris has been in no shortage of delicious food items since time immemorial. It has a great selection of bakeries that will guarantee that your tastes are excited. Whether you are looking for the best desserts, crepes, or macarons in Paris, you will run into one of the finest serving places in every corner of the city. Below is a discussion on some of the top bakeries in the city you can visit after your Louvre guided tour.

Du Pain Et Des Idées

Du Pain et des Idées is famous for its rustic loaves, pinwheel-shaped chocolate-pistachio escargot pastries, and mini-pavés(these are doughy bread shaped like cobblestones which are usually filled with veggies, cheese or other delicious ingredients). It is recommended to taste the pain des amis here. The place serves a number of customers at a time, so expect very quick service by the staff here. You can also get to know about the ingredients if you bother to ask them.

Boulangerie Utopie

This place gives you an appearance of your average neighborhood bakery with pastries and sandwiches lining up the glass display. There is also a sign which reads “Utopie”. It is only when you notice the long line outside that you realize there is something special being served here. Taste some of the best loaves, baguettes, pastries, and rolls offered by the city.


Chambelland focuses on a gluten-free section of cakes, cookies, bread, and individual pastries. They also provide sandwiches for lunch. Note that these are made of focaccias and gluten-free breads. Sandwiches accompany salads and soups. Make sure you do not compare their conventional goods to their special gluten-free goods to be able to appreciate the latter better. Further, you do not have to be against gluten consumption to be able to savor the taste; they offer special gluten-free goods which are as good as any.

Fou De Pâtisserie

This is a place renowned for its delicious pastries. With tables and chairs arranged right outside the store, it specializes in pastry. The pastries are made by some of the most famous names in the business including the likes of Cyril Lignac and Pierre Hermé. There are also chefs like Jonathan Blot and Carl Marletti who contribute to the impressive work. Note that you can try Saint-Honorés which are a form of éclairs or a collection of original concoctions provided every day.

Above are a few great spots to try baked food items in the French capital. Make sure you visit some of these after your Louvre guided tour.