The Best Exhibitions This Summer Season in Paris City

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Paris City Exhibitions

Paris is a metropolitan city for not just art connoisseurs and nerdy art lovers, but also for those who just enjoy observing a painting. You do not have to be a master of art, or an art student, to appreciate a fine piece of work. Paris is home to numerous museums and galleries. However, where to start your art exploration? Here is our list of interesting art expositions in Paris city.

The “Coup de Foudre” Exhibition

Coup de Foudre is an interactive exhibition at Fondation EDF. The exhibition has already started on March 15 2019, and it will run through October 20, 2019. Perhaps you will not have more fun at an exhibition of serious art than at the EDF Foundation, in an extremely long time. A playground has taken the place of the traditional and formal gallery space thanks to the efforts by Nathalie Talec and Fabrice Hyber.

It is a place where you can have fun alright, but it is also one that asks real questions. In the foundation, you can put on a wedding dress or dress up as a skeleton and dance like no one is watching you do it. Pulling the strings of an immense puppet is also possible for you here. You can stand inside a black room amid an electrical storm. You can and you will laugh out loud. Your senses will not just be challenged, but these will be electrified at Fondation EDF.

Tutankhamun, the Treasure of the Pharaoh

Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris hosts this exposition, in partnership with Egypt’s Giza Museum. It is a touring exposition, of which the first stop is the City of Lights. The exhibition reveals original and fascinating objects found inside the burial place of famous Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut, most of which never left Egypt. Everybody likes a bit of Tutankhamun’s golden opulence.

He was an Egyptian Pharaoh back in the fourteenth century who is believed to have passed away when he was just 18 years of age. It was archaeologist Howard Carter who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. Since the finding of Tutankhamun’s tomb, he has been referred to informally as King Tut. This exhibition, which will run through September 15, 2019, gives you a rare chance to learn more about an important figure in history.

Georges Dorignac, Corps and Souls

The Montmartre Museum will host “Georges Dorignac, Corps et Ames” through September 08, 2019. When the summer arrives in Paris city, and you have to go away from the hordes of tourists and sweltering streets, then a good hideout place to be in is a museum. An even better one is a Parisian museum which has a garden as well.

The Musée de Montmartre has three special gardens devoted to Pierre-Auguste Renoir, as the artist livered there for twenty-four months back in the 1870’s period. If the heat in Paris becomes too much for your comfort, then you can stroll in the museum to see an excellent display of work done by Georges Dorignac. This artist came to Montmartre in the year 1901, and rapidly became part of Paris’s cosmopolitan elements. For this show, the museum presents several works of art that have not been publically exhibited before this.

Regarding the exhibition, the museum had this of note:

“Gathering nearly 85 works, half of which have never been presented to the general public, the exhibition unveils the variety of styles and techniques of the artist and his dazzling mastery of the feature, which make the work of Dorignac a singular ensemble of a rare aesthetic. His work will amaze you with its strength, expressiveness and singularity.”

An Exhibition Devoted to Leonardo da Vinci

The exhibition that everyone is eagerly waiting for is the one dedicated to the masterful painter of Mona Lisa. The Musée du Louvre will host this exhibition from October 24, 2019, to February 24, 2020, in tribute to the five-hundredth anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s demise. The museum marks the quincentennial of Leonardo’s death with this retrospective, much like how the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam honors the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn’s death.

So make it a point to explore the works by Leonardo when on Louvre Museum tours starting October this year. One could wax lyrical about Leonardo da Vinci, not least because he was an artist and inventor, a scientist and philosopher. He was what an art lover would call a true “polymath”.

This show aims to encapsulate the person in all his elements since researchers of the Musée du Louvre have spent the last ten years studying his life. Bookings for the Leonardo exhibition have already started, so make the most of this opportunity by advance-booking tickets for it.