The Recommended Etiquette for French Museums

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One of the things France is famous for is its museums, and you would know why after having done a d’Orsay or Louvre guided tour. However, how are people supposed to behave in a museum?

Almost everyone carries a smartphone with a camera these days, and it is close to inconceivable for anyone to go anywhere new without taking selfies. This causes disruptions in busy museums, especially for people who are there to reflect or study. Not only that, it is an impingement on the copyright of privately owned works, as well as on the rights of the people, who do not want to appear in your Instagram picture without consent.

Museum leaders in Paris have been contending with the issue for some time now. Musée d’Orsay even made the grand gesture of banning all photography on its premises, even though this was met with protests from the public, with groups even organizing photo competitions in retaliation.

After that, the Ministry of Culture came up with the idea of “Tous Photographes!”, which is an open letter that lists good practices for when you are visiting a monument, museum, or gallery. This was put out is consultation with many organizations such as Réunion des Musées Nationaux and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

The recommended etiquette in national monuments and museums in Furnace are as follows.

  • When a visitor arrives, he/she should turn off the flash and keep from getting in the way of other visitors while taking photos or videos. Signs are posted along the site to ensure the visit is shared comfortably with others.
  • When taking a photo or film, the visitors should make sure that the integrity of the works is not affected. They can place a request for the rules concerning allowed photography.
  • Visitors are allowed to post and share the photos and videos they have taken on social media accounts and the internet, as long as they respect the legal framework.
  • The visitors should keep from taking a picture of a staff member without first getting their formal agreement. You can download the information regarding the privacy rights and copyright of individuals from the museum’s website.
  • If while capturing images, a visitor needs to make use of supplementary materials such as tripods, lighting, etc., a specific permission for that should be taken in advance.