Top 3 Exhibits to Catch When on a Paris City Tour

Louvre Museum Tours

Must Visit Exhibits

Paris is a dream destination of all tourists, and the city keeps up to its fame of being so with a plethora of activities to do and sights to see. Below is a compilation of top exhibits in Parisian museums, which you can catch anytime soon when on a Paris city tour.

Real and Imaginary Depictions of the Orient: A Matter of Gazes

This exhibition in the Musée du Louvre has started in January 11, 2018 and prolongs until April 2, 2018. It displays ‘Orient’ as envisioned and depicted by the French artist Eugène-Delacroix. The Louvre Museum hosts the exhibit in partnership with Musée National Eugène-Delacroix and the Lilian Thuram Foundation.

The exhibit outlines the connection between representative arts and contemporary history to the art lovers. Do catch it when on Louvre Museum tours to understand the representation of reality and cultural issues as Delacroix depicts it forth on canvas.

Sheila Hicks: Lines of Life

The Centre Pompidou has started hosting this exhibit back in February and it will run through April 30, 2018. The Pompidou library cum museum in the 4th arrondissement of Paris displays the life and works of the living American artist born in 1934. Sheila Hicks is heir to a modernism artistic style that boomed in the early 20th Century. Her works outline a clear distinction between fine arts, decorative arts and design.

She is also heir to a textile practice that traces back to the Pre Columbian era. It may prove to be tough for an anonymous person to fine arts to categorize the works of Hicks since it includes everything from wrapping, twisting, stacking and knotting wool, cotton, and linen. The exhibit compiles the eclectic art works in the museum and is a vibrant celebration of Sheila Hicks works and lives as rightly titled.

Dutch Artists in Paris, 1789-1914

The Petit Palais highlights the aesthetic and artistic exchange between the Dutch masters and the painters to have come to France all the way back from Napoleon’s reign to the onset of 20th Century period. The exhibit compiles the artworks of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Théodore Géricault, Johan Jongkind, and Van Dongen to name a few.

You can see everything from colorful flower paintings to aesthetically pleasing modernism paintings, depicting all these renowned European artists and their works from their heyday. It spans until May 23, 2018, at the Petit Palais, the museum opposite the Grand Palais at Avenue Winston Churchill.