What to Expect in the Louvre Lens Throwback Exhibit Of Qajar Dynasty

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The branch of Louvre Museum, Louvre-Lens will be displaying masterful artworks from Qajar dynasty in the throwback exhibit dubbed as ‘The Empire of Roses’. The descendant rulers of Qajar dynasty from ancient Turkey ruled Persia from late 18th century to early 20th century. This period chronicles a historic chapter of what is now called as modern-day Iran. It was only in mid-1930’s Iran became the official endonym of what was once Persia and it happened under the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi.

The monarch is said to have prompted the foreign delegates to use Iran in place of Persia in formal correspondence especially. The expo starts by taking the visitors to the publications of famous artists and European travelers including the French artist Jules Laurens, and French architect Pascal Coste. Their publications were drawn from their journeys made at the onset of European interest on arts and the Iranian architecture of the 19th century.

Louvre-Lens museum put their perspective forward in the exhibit through drawings, paintings, and other important works of both the artists. The second section throws lights into the political and historical scenarios of the Qajar dynasty. The exhibition contains a gallery full of portraits of Iranian rulers. Visitors can observe and analyze the allies of the dynasty and learn more about the several rulers who once ruled Persia. So, try not to miss it while you are going on a Paris tour.

The third section chronicles arts featured in court alongside the codification of the works as per the aesthetics typical of the dynasty. The monarchs or the ‘Shahs’ as they came to be known were artists themselves and were fully aware of the stakes which arts can have on a political level. Using the imagery skillfully, they made an architectural setting that not only refined the courtyard but also gave insights into their oftentimes wobbly power.

The culminating phase of the exhibit talks about the artists, the rise of their status during the 19th century, and their interest towards modernism. You would come across heirlooms, and the themes highlighted in the paintings, metal arts, and ceramics when you are attending the Louvre-Lens exhibition. It runs from March 28, 2018, to July 22, 2018. Think of it as alternative Louvre museum tours on the outskirts of Paris, northern France to be precise.