3 Affordable Alternatives to Luxury Hotel Stay for Travelers

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Lodging is usually the cost that takes a considerable bite out of your vacation budget besides airfare, travel, and your shopping expenses. However, you can find convenient and cozy places to stay at an affordable price or even for free in destinations around the globe – as long as you know where to look.

Even when on a Paris city tour, think if you want to stay in a luxury hotel or an affordable place and access the locations or pleasures that cost you money. If you are willing to consider an alternative to a hotel, you could very well pay a fraction of the hotel price and set it aside for your tour expenses. Below are three of the best alternatives to hotels in Paris.

Short Term Rental Room

This is an ever-growing and popular trend in the world of travel – a cross between home stay and vacation rental. You can rent a room in somebody’s residence, private studio apartment, or cottage for affordable nightly rates by searing for it on a hospitality service website. While accommodation sharing offers hosts some extra money via rentals, it also gives the guests a great deal and even the native’s perspective of a destination. For instance, your host could give you suggestions or tips regarding where to find pocket-friendly restaurants in Paris.

Vacation Rentals

An apartment for rent can offer you an affordable and unique place to stay. Since flats tend to be spacious than hotel rooms, they are especially a good bargain for tour groups and families who can divvy up the expense. If you appreciate savings and convenience of having laundry access and kitchen during your tour, a vacation rental would be a good stay option for you. If you are touring with a group of family members or friends, having everyone in a single place can be wonderful too.


Sleeping under the starry night sky can also be magical, perhaps even the cheapest option in this list, particularly if you love to cook food over a campfire instead of eating in restaurants each night. You can even find luxury tent camps or cabins in your area to make your getaway even more comfortable and romantic. Besides, it is a good choice if all you want from your Paris trip is a digital detox, like some time away from all your favorite personal gadgets.