3 Main Attractions of Château de Versailles

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Château de Versailles is renowned internationally for its elegant gardens and palace. UNESCO has recognized the Palace of Versailles as a world heritage site for about 30 years and it certainly is one of the most popular highlights of Paris. This elegant structure stands as a spectacular example of the French art of the 18th century.

This historical building was constructed in the early 16th century, and was later expanded and transformed in the reign of Louis XIV. This palace is adorned with crystals, precious gems, and gold, and it has been incredibly preserved by the authorities over the years. If you are visiting Château de Versailles, then here are three things you should not miss.

Hall Of Mirrors (Galerie des Glaces)

The famous room of Château de Versailles is none other than the glittering Hall of Mirrors. Architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart offered a new and spectacular look to this room. This hall is about 73-meter-long and it consists of 17 huge ornamental mirrors. The marvelous ceiling paintings, elegant gilded statues, and crystal chandeliers make the room even more appealing to the tourists.

The famous Treaty of Versailles was signed in this historic hall back in the early 19th century and the proclamation of the German Empire happened within this hall.

King’s Grand Apartments (Grands Appartements du Roi)

The Grands Appartements du Roi is also known as “Appartement de Parade” and it represents the State Apartments-the public area of the structure where official ceremonies and meetings took place. During the reign of Louis XIV, he held court sessions from 06:00 am to 10:00 am every day in these historic rooms.

You will be able to find François Lemoyne’s the Triumph of Hercules ceiling painting in the Salon d’Hercule while Salon de l’Abondance is designed with a number of precious objects.

Queen’s Grand Apartment (Grand Appartement du Reine)

The Queen’s Grand Apartment is situated right next to the “Appartement de Parade”. The rooms are pretty much delicate and flowery in style. The decoration inside the Queen’s Grand Apartment has been well preserved since the time of Marie-Antoinette.

Chambre de la Reine was the bedroom of the queen, built for Queen Maria Theresa. The four virtues of a queen such as fidelity, wisdom, generosity, and compassion are portrayed with the rococo-style ceiling paintings in the room.