4 Awesome Food Trucks in Paris

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Although unique in many ways, Paris is like the rest of the world in one respect: it has food trucks all over the place. The usual restaurant gets boring after you have visited the City of Lights a couple of times and tried out the different dining options, and that is when you really start appreciating the change that food trucks offer. You will find trucks catering all cuisines form American to Thai, letting you sample food that hails from at least a dozen countries while not having to visit them.

Le Camion Qui Fume

Set up in 2011 by a French-American couple, this 4-truck establishment sells homemade burgers that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. It is very popular in the city, but that comes with the downside of customers having to wait for a while before they get to dig in. With what we know of the taste, the food here is worth being patient.

El Carrito: Clasico Argentino

A food truck run under the Clasico Argentino restaurant, El Carito was set up in 2012 by partners Gaston Stivelmaher and Enrique Zanoni. The name itself refers to the shore of a river in Buenos Aires, when mobile trolleys sold ice creams and empanadas in the 50’s. El Carito does business at many spots, including la Bastille.

Glaces Glazed

If you have carried over the childhood penchant for running towards ice cream trucks, Glaces Glazed is one food truck you will need to visit while on one of your Paris walking tours. It boasts a variety of original flavors, such as Black Sugar Sex Magic and Orange Mécanique. The truck itself is renovated HY Citroën sporitn a rock and roll look. Nowadays the truck also has waffles on the menu, as well as other foods to satisfy your appetite. They even have a shop located in rue des Martyrs, if you have trouble finding the truck.

Tooq Tooq

Thai food made on the streets is one of the cornerstones of civilization, and I Paris, no food truck whips up better Thai cuisine than Tooq Tooq. If you are tired of burgers, try out some of the pad Thai, or the chicken spring rolls and salads. You will feel like you have been transported to another land when you are having their food.