4 Benefits of Visiting Paris during the Winter Season

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While visiting the City of Lights any time of the year is a wonderful proposition in and of itself, but you are sure to get bonus points when you make the trip during the winter season. The city covered in whites makes for a picturesque sight; what better way to celebrate the holiday season than to arrive here in winter. Apart from that, below are four reasons to take a Paris city tour during the wintertime.

The City is Less Crowded

One of the main draws of visiting the French capital in winter is that it is not a tourist-heavy season, meaning you will not always have to skip the line to access your favorite museum, or wait for longer periods of time to enter popular restaurants. Even with a slight chill, it is so refreshing to explore emptier Parisian streets without bothering about someone bumping into you from behind. Just the prospect of looking at elegant window displays while on Paris walking tours seem wonderful even with a nip in the air.

The City is Well Decorated for Holidays

If you are planning a Paris tour either in December month or in early January, then you will see how festive the city looks. It will be full of sparkle as well as twinkly lights during the holiday season. These decorations go up actually in November and are not taken down until early January, usually around the first week’s end, which means you will have a lot of time just to explore the glitzy City of Lights.

You Get to Shop More at Les Soldes

Shopping is one of the top reasons to visit Paris, particularly during the summertime and wintertime. During the holidays, you can participate in the shopping festival mandated by the French government. Its purpose is to clear remaining stock and make room for springtime and summertime collections. Hence, you will get a lot of discounts for winter garments and other things.

You Can Enjoy Plenty of Unique Activities

Exclusively during the winter, there will be a lot of other activities waiting for you besides the shopping spree and museum visits. They include things like ice skating on rinks near the Eiffel Tower or roller skating through the city. If you make the trip in February, you can take part in Paris Fashion Week, Paris Carnival, and the Chinese New Year parade. There is always so much to do here during the winter, besides enjoying the snowflakes twinkling in the air.