4 Places to Get Excellent Cocktails in Paris

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In the 2018 list of the World’s 50 Best Bars, many of the bars in Paris were included. The present day Paris has numerous bars which offer interesting ways to the visitors to enjoy their drinks. Liquor making in Paris dates back to 1800s. But it took another 100 years for the culture to gain attraction and popularity. The two bars in Paris which familiarized the American- English cocktail were Harry’s New York Bar and the Bar Hemingway. These bars are still popular among the tourists who visit Paris.

Since Paris was a city known for its wines, the cocktail tradition did not spread easily from the luxury hotels to the general public. The cocktails were thus restricted to the rich people, until in 2007 three friends opened a cocktail bar for the public. The trio owns several bars in Paris today under the name Experimental Group (EG).

The Parisian cocktail culture today is a blend of the American roots with the hundreds of small batch products made in France itself. Thus Parisian cocktails are so distinct and unique.

Here is a list of the best cocktail bars in Paris:

Le Syndicat

This was one of the first bars to produce cocktails by using French ingredients only. This bar brought the local trend of drinks into a bar atmosphere. There are some lavish cocktails served in this bar, which are mostly made from some ingredients that are not so commonly used. ‘Drop the Beet’ is the highlight cocktail drink of this bar.


This bar is hidden behind a taqueria in the third arrondissement of Paris. The casual atmosphere and the delicious agave – based cocktails are the highlights of the bar. This bar is the best place to have a chill evening or a get together.

Harry’s New York Bar

This one is often considered as the first cocktail bar in Paris. The bar has great history and connection with the U.S and this attracts many visitors to the bar. It was here that Hemingway and Sartre drank and George Gershwin composed “An American in Paris”. It seems like the bar has the same atmosphere it had at those times. The Bloody Mary is the highlighted drink of the bar.


It is a speak-easy style bar which is hidden behind a pizza store. It is a small bar but the pizza here is very delicious. The Smokey Island is the most exquisite drink of this bar.

If you are on your Paris tour and is doubtful about where to have a cocktail drink, consider this list. Also try to find out many more bars where you can enjoy your cocktail.