5 Famous Sports Venues in Paris

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Louvre Guided Tour

Sports Venues In Paris

Most people do not dream of watching a local sporting event when they are going on their first Paris city tour. They will be planning to visit some of the most famous museums and other tourist attractions in the city. However, if you are a sports fan, then the City of Lights has a lot to offer for you other than the cliché tourist spots.

Add more fun to your Paris city tour and make the trip memorable by visiting a few sports venues in the city of Paris. If time permits, try to watch one of the league matches of the biggest club of the city, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (PSG). Below are some of the major sports venues in the city of Paris that every sports lover should visit when they are going on a Paris city tour.

Stade de France

Let us start with the national stadium of France, the Stade de France. This extraordinary stadium witnessed the historical event of France lifting the World Cup for the first time. The soccer and rugby matches of the national French teams are currently being hosted at this stadium.

Stade de Roland Garros

The name, Stade de Roland Garros, will be of significant importance to all Tennis fans around the world since it is home to the French Open tournament. The entire facility was built in the year 1928 and it has about 20 tennis courts. Try to visit the Museum of the French Federation of Tennis, as it will be one of the major highlights of your Paris tour.

Parc des Princes

The most popular sport in the city of Paris is undoubtedly football and this stadium is home to the best and biggest football club of the city, PSG. This iconic stadium was built in the year 1972 and it served as the national stadium of France until 1998.

Stade Georges Lefèvre

If you want to watch the marvelous action of women playing pro soccer, visit the Stade Georges Lefèvre. The home games of the women’s branch of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG Féminines) are also held at this stadium. You will be also able to catch the action of PSG Reserves squad at this stadium.

Stade Jean-Bouin

Stade Jean-Bouin is located directly across the Parc des Princes and it is home to Paris’ Stade Français rugby team. Some of the home matches of the team are held in the Stade de France but most of the remaining matches are played here.