A Brief Overview of the Centre Pompidou Museum in Paris City

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Centre Pompidou is not only one of the largest and quintessential museums in Europe, but also a world famous one. Centre Pompidou is a must-visit place, especially when you are looking to explore the best museums in the City of Lights through Paris walking tours programs.

The Parisian museum is home to more than 50000 artworks. The building is a masterstroke of architecture, which features lifts and colorful pipes forming a pipe-work on the façade besides enthralling onlookers. However, the highlight of Centre Pompidou is the plethora of artworks, which comprises of sculptures, drawings, photographs, and paintings.

The collections in the museum chronicle Fauvism era, Cubism era, Surrealism movement, and Abstract Expressionism. The masterful artworks and sculptures comprise of fine works from Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, and Marcel Duchamp, among other artists. Photographs exhibited in Centre Pompidou include the photographs of Man Ray and Robert Doisneau. The museum also features a rooftop restaurant, which offers stunning panoramic views of Parisian cityscapes to the museum visitors.

The designing of the Centre Pompidou was offered to the Parisians during the 20th Century. The competition received more than 600 responders. In fact, the architects behind Centre Pompidou building, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, were relatively less known to the public prior to its designing in the 1970’s. Many of the natives did not know them and compared the architectural view of the building to oil refineries and boiler houses.

Even though Centre Pompidou is considered to be a museum, it also has two libraries inside that span across 3 floors. When it was constructed in the past, the visitor count grown tenfold and the rest is etched in the history of France.

When you visit Centre Pompidou, you do not necessarily need to have an acquired taste in fine arts, since the collections comprise of everything from interactive visuals and videos to murals and manuscripts. When you come here with a Paris tour guide, you will instantly note the Stravinsky Fountain, which resides amid the museum and the Saint-Merri church.

Stravinsky Fountain is a colorful one, which depicts 16 sculptures all integrating running water representing Igor Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’. The fountain is one of the popular ones in the City of Lights, and stands as a testimony to the contemporary artistic influences matching the location.