A Good Compilation of Paris’s Summer Festivals

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There are a lot of things to do in Paris during the summertime. Paris really brings out an alternative reality in the summer season. When you pay a visit to the city during this time of the year, you would be able to attend various summer festivals along with the usual Eiffel Tower and Louvre guided tours.

A big part of the city’s culture could be seen adhering to its festivals in the hotter season. There are a number of programs in Paris during this time of year, which includes rock festivals, open-air theater shows and cinema, and semi-improvised street music performances. This would surely leave you out of excuses to stay indoors in the city during the summer. Below is the list of festivals that you would be able to enjoy in Paris during the summertime.

Fete de la Musique

The World Music Day or Make Music Day is held in Paris during June 21. This is basically a live street music festival, where all the talented Parisians are permitted to play music in public parks, streets, and other neighborhoods.

This is one among the city’s most popular events. During this festival, you would be able to see tons of musicians gathered around the bars, streets, and cafes in the city. They would entertain the crowds with their splendid hip-hop, rock, jazz, and electronic music performances. Their wide range of musical performances could impress crowds of any taste.

Rock En Seine

Rock en Seine is a rock festival that is held every year at the grassy stretches of Domaine National de St. Cloud. This awesome festival would last for three days. Thousands of people come to see this grand festival every year, which includes both the die-hard rock fans as well as the summer dabblers. This is another one of those most desired music festivals in the city.

Bastille Day Celebrations

The “Fete Nationale” or the Bastille Day is celebrated in France every year on July 14. “Storming” of the place is actually done annually in remembrance of the original historic event. This event during the present times is celebrated in a cheerful manner with lots of fireworks. You would also be able to enjoy a lot of campy shows done by the fireman.

This is among the liveliest and spectacular events held in Paris city. You would also be able to see military parades along with the awesome pyrotechnic shows when on Paris tours in summer.