A Guide to a Photoshoot before Wedding in Paris City

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Are you planning to have a pre-wedding shoot when on a Paris city tour, but do not have any idea regarding how to go about it? A pre-wedding shoot can be a challenging task for engaged couples who are not familiar with the French capital.

Where to Shoot Pre-Wedding Photos?

The Musée du Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are amongst the most popular locations for a pre-wedding shoot. However, Paris is home to many other photo hotspots. For the start, consider Bir-Hakeim bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, Alexandre III bridge, and the Jardin des Tuileries. In between these beautiful locations, there are several more choices for you to take photographs.

Couples who are looking for a bit more street art vibe, go to Montmartre. This is a hill situated in the 18th administrative district of Paris. It is best explored on foot, the safest way to travel. If you are concerned about climbing up to the top, fret not because there is a funicular to take you right from the foot of Montmartre up to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris.

For a casual and fun vibe, the colorful Rue Cremieux street makes a stunning backdrop for your photos. So you would want to add this street to your pre-wedding shoot itinerary.

When is the Ideal Time for a Shoot?

The hours soon after sunrise are undoubtedly the best time to start your pre-wedding photoshoot. Wake up early morning and you will be rewarded with the ideal light conditions, and a Paris city devoid of too many tourists. People take Paris walking tours, but there will usually not be too many to interfere with your photo session if you choose to do it early morning. That said, if you cannot change your travel plans, then the second-best time of the day would be the before-sunset hours.

What Happens if There is Rain?

It rains every now and then in the City of Lights, so do not be surprised if the downpour comes during your photoshoot. However, worry not, rain provides such a wonderful chance for your photographers to take some excellent effect shots and make unique pictures.

If the rain starts to get too heavy halfway through your shoot, just be calm as then there is always the option to move to an indoor or covered location, like the Gallery Vivienne or the passages of Petit Royal to name two.