A Guide to Fine Dining in Parisian Restaurants

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The French are taught the art of dining from their very childhood days. They even have a cheese course in the public school lunches. In fact, one of the reasons to go to a Paris city tour is to enjoy the delicious food items it offers you. However, it is difficult to do everything right without having good conduct of the French language. Worry not, below are a few tips to help you have a better dining experience in a Parisian restaurant.

Say Bonjour, Always

Wherever you are whether in a boutique, a post office, or a fine dining restaurant, always remember to greet everyone you meet with “bonjour” in the morning. The French people consider it rude if you do not wish them hello. You may also salute a person using “bonjour” in the evenings, but the actual term to use is “bonsoir” in the evening. The rule to remember is to be polite and start with a greeting. In addition, be mindful to say thank you with “merci” and “À bientôt” (bye for now/see you soon) when your leave.

Making Reservations

If you heading to a restaurant, where reservations are accepted, then make sure to book a table in advance. It is easy for even a casual bistro to be full. Tourists often find it difficult to understand whether a place needs to be booked or not. The answer is simple; just presume that every restaurant, which does not specify they have no reservation, need to be booked. Besides, popular eating places like Septime or Frenchie should be checked well in advance.

Another fact about the French restaurants is that they close more frequently than the American restaurants. Therefore, booking is always a good idea to find out whether they are open before you leave the hotel room.

Knowing Which Days to Go

Most of the restaurants and stores stay closed one day every week, either on Sundays or on Mondays. Most of the visitors go to the wrong place at the wrong time due to lack of planning. So it is important to carefully look ahead of time about the line of restaurants that you are planning to visit, and also their opening hours and days. You could take advantage of this to prepare your schedule accordingly.