A Guide to the Finest Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Paris

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Finest Restaurants In Paris

Paris has a lot to offer for the taste buds as the place hosts a rather diverse cuisine unlike any other. Foodies will usually find the charming street-side restaurants and cafés in Paris a delighting experiencing with their exciting and super variety menus. While most of this focuses on non-vegetarian dishes, there are still several restaurants in and around Paris serving lip-smacking vegetarian dishes. These restaurants are completely vegan-friendly and offer an array of vegetarian dishes that captivate every food lover. Some of the top vegetarian restaurants to check out in Paris are listed below.

Shakespeare and Company Café

The Shakespeare and Company Café is the ideal restaurant to look out for savoring a range of cakes, sandwiches, and bagels. It has a diverse menu consisting of several delicious vegetarian dishes that will satisfy both vegans and non-vegans alike. The café is a bustling place to sit and have a bite at its various culinary offerings. The café bookstore has some good collections for pairing it with a sumptuous lunch.

Desi Road

Exotic cuisine is something preferred by most travelers arriving at Paris. The Indian restaurant Desi Road offers an excellent fusion of dishes for vegetarian food lovers. It is the perfect place to enjoy some of the famous spicy flavored dishes from India. The “Thali” meals are its specialty and are sure to satisfy the appetites anyone looking for something spicy and heavy.


Holybelly is yet another highly renowned vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Paris. The place is ideal for having a delicious lunch and has a range of dishes that will satisfy the cravings of any vegan. Some of its top vegetarian offerings like Roasted Squash with quinoa, fresh goat cheese, and cashew nuts; and the Eggs and Sides breakfast. The friendly English speaking staff and comfortable food at Holybelly is one of its trademarks.

Café Pinson

The Café Pinson is the perfect place to enjoy a host of homemade vegetarian dishes. Situated in the Marais, Café Pinson offers a range of delicious vegetarian dishes and homemade meals that will satisfy any food lover. Besides, the Café also has an excellent variety of desserts, cakes, crumbles, and puddings to try out all in a vegan-friendly atmosphere.

Hardware Societe

Hardware Societe has some fine vegetarian dishes that are worth trying while on a visit to Paris. Roasted Mushrooms with truffled ricotta, Pain Perdu, and 64-degree eggs are some of its specialties for every vegetarian. Besides, the restaurant also serves coffee and pastry for breakfast along with its special brunch offerings.