A Helpful Guide to Beer Lovers Visiting Paris

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There will be many things, which a travel usually considers when planning a trip to Paris. Some of those highlights include the wondrous architectural aesthetics, natural landscape, picturesque water bodies, treasured museums, arts, authentic French food, wine, etc. Among that, beer sampling on a trip to Paris is not a common thing that most people opt to. However, like almost every popular tourist destination in the world, the French capital is also on the point of a “beer movement”.

Usually, people coming to Paris will mainly look forward to their French wine relishing moments, but the current beer styles of the city will make most people to choose the French beer over wine, or at least you will prefer them both equally. In fact, the breweries in Paris are currently steering away from their Belgian neighbors and are going all American and hops. Below is an ultimate guide to having the best beer experience in Paris.

French Beer

One of the main misconceptions that most people have is that there is no such thing known as authentic French beer. Generally, people think that French beer tends to replicate the Belgian beer. Yet actually, French have a little, but unique ways of making beer. Bière de Garde, which means “keeping beer”, is one of the most notable choices here.

Bière de Garde is a brew in Paris where people can drink beer and the farmers can store it. Note that it is easier to control the fermentation process during winter. Hence, farmers brew beer during the winter and store them in the cellars here for the next season. The colors of beer available here include pale yellow, straw yellow, deep amber, etc.

Needless to say, the best place for beer culture to grow and flourish is the capital cities. This is because of the nature of the urban centers to readily accept the new trends and cultures. The major epicenter of beer culture in the French capital is Oberkampf, which is located at the 11th arrondissement. This place is totally transformed into a beer hub now comprising of a number of bars and hip restaurants. This is an ideal option for all the beer lovers out there in order to savor the authentic French beer.

Two of the popular choices here are La Fine Mousse and Les Trois 8. The former one is ideal for all the people who prefer to enjoy international French wine and beer varieties. The latter brewery boasts multiple options for traditional and modern beer varieties.