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Paris is a great city for music lovers. One can easily get lost in the numerous avenues in the French capital that offer excellent music for all kinds of music junkies. You can even call Paris a “Musical City” for the abundance of musical events that take place here all the time. Below are a few places to look for great music on your Paris city tour.

Concert Halls

Paris has no dearth for concert halls; international as well as domestic talents thrive in its musical atmosphere. The Pigalle is one such place, where you can enjoy music amidst antique surroundings. Check out Le Trianon for instance, which is adorned with spectacular architecture.

You can also head on to Parc de la Villette, which houses Le Zenith, a concert hall build in the middle of modern temples. A number of cultural attractions and activities are organized here all the year round. Le Zenith has a capacity of 6300 people and a top-notch sound system, which is among the best in France. You can also find the Museum of Music or Philharmonie 2 nearby this place.


Live music is an integral part of both Oberkampf and Bastille localities. For instance, Pop In located at 105 Rue Amelot is a place that offers alternative, unpretentious, and free music. Then there is Les Disquaires at 4-6 Rue des Taillandiers, which entertains hip-hop, jazz, and funk music accompanied with craft or cocktail beer.

La Mécanique Ondulatoire is another musical bar you should explore when on a Paris city tour dedicated to music. Located at 8 Passage Thiéré, the Parisian bar charges just €5 for entry to its parties. It offers a great selection of metal, rock, and ska punk music.

If you are in Oberkampf region, check out L’Alimentation Générale at 64 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. It is a restaurant, club, and a concert hall with diverse flavors of music. To cap off your tour, get to the l’International, which is a great place to enjoy folk, hip-hop, new rock, as well as pop music.

Music Festivals and Events

Paris is a busy center for music festivals. With many festivals taking place throughout the year, you will never be disappointed if you are looking for a deep musical experience here. The best ones include the Peacock festival in February and the Transient festival in November. The latter is a celebration of digital culture, audiovisual arts, and electronic music.

Another different way to listen to good music is to ride the metro. The artists performing here are not ordinary ones as they undergo a comprehensive evaluation program. Only the best ones are granted the license to perform live, so you can expect some quality music down the labyrinths of the city during your Paris city tour.