Affordable Partying Options in Paris for Night Owls

Paris City Tour

Affordable Partying Options

Paris is really popular for the happening and lively nightlife scene. Unsurprisingly, most tourists visiting the city would love to partake in any of the Parisian nightlife activities such as night museum tour, partying in cozy pubs and bars, night food tours, etc. Undoubtedly, partying and drinking is one of the main aspects of the nightlife scene in the city and only a few tourists may opt out of it. Usually, Paris is associated with luxury. However, apart from the high-end bars and boutique clubs, there are numerous clubs and bars in the French capital that are ideal for a budget traveler as well.

Nevertheless, your knowledge about the same will be limited when you are on your maiden trip to the City of Lights and many ends up going overboard on your budget. In order to avoid such situation, it is recommended to go through the list of the best and budget-friendly bars in the French capital. You can surely discover the true spirit of Parisian nightlife if you ventured any of the following options on your Paris city tour.

25 Est

Located at Bataille de Stalingrad neighborhood, 25 Est is one of the chic restaurants in the capital city of France. This restaurant is well-known for its live music and large open terrace. The vibes of partying in this restaurant are really indefinable. Plus, the view of Parisian canals from the rooftop will surely add to your overall nightlife experience here. On top of that, you can relish a wide range of food dishes and your favorite beverages at cheap rates here. However, you will be able to enjoy this music on waterfront night party only up to 08:00 pm.

Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts in a majestic bridge that connects the popular Louvre museum with domed institute de France over the picturesque Seine River. This will be a great option for the entire budget travelers out there who love to party at their own terms. When almost all other spots around the Seine River tend to shut down by the sunset, this royal overpass will be a great spot to nail your ‘bring your own bottle’ experience. Furthermore, there will be a number of local artists and musicians on the bridge who will be playing music and other instruments. This way, you will be able to enjoy one of the biggest musical night parties along the Seine that is free of cost. However, the weather in the city is an important factor here.