Awesome Activities to Do near Place De La Bastille

Paris City Tour

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Paris city tours are always fun-filled and exciting. The City of Love has the charm to conquer the heart of anyone who set foot upon it. You would be able to find one of the most fascinating and eclectic neighborhoods of Paris near the areas surrounding Place de la Bastille. This place features awesome dance clubs and cocktail bars, which would be the best place to go for enjoying your nightlife. The place has been well known for its fun-filled nightlife activities for a long time.

If you are someone who is curious about urban architecture, history, and art, you should definitely pay a visit to this place, as you would be able to find a number of revolutionary monuments, local street artworks, and enjoy the rooftop views of leafy parks. Another interesting attraction of this place is its idiosyncratic boutiques and incredible food markets. This is one of the beautiful neighborhoods of Paris, which would really broaden your views about the city. Below are some of the most interesting and exciting places near Place de la Bastille.

Colonne de Juillet

Colonne de Juillet is located at the heart of Place de la Bastille. This magnificent column July 1840, and hence, it is also known as the July Column. The column was actually built in remembrance of “Les Trois Glorieuses”, which was a revolution that occurred in the city in 1830. The French king named Louis-Philippe came to power during this war. A bloody conflict followed his reign, which took the lives of a large number of people. The column actually communicates the memory of these victims; you could also see a golden statue representing liberation on the top of the structure. People here call this statue as the “Spirit of Liberty”.

This place also has other significances in terms of revolutionary history. Bastille prison was actually located in this place. However, people during the time of the French Revolution set the prison on fire. In addition, another revolt commonly called the Paris Commune almost destroyed the column.

Bastille Opera

Bastille Opera is a spectacular place to enjoy art and culture. This building looks charming with its exterior works of steel and glass. It was Carlos Ott, who designed the building and it was inaugurated in 1989. Both the interior and exterior of this building looks lovely and admirable.

It is really worth exploring the theatre and backstage area of Bastille Opera. You would really be astonished at the complex layout of the building. The entire building is designed in such a way, so as to bring out the beautiful sound and create consistency in the acoustics. There are a number of musical choices ranging from Berlioz to Verdi and Mozart too in this place. It would be a good idea to purchase the tickets for an approaching opera event if you really love opera.

Shops and Boutiques on Rue de Charonne

Rue de Charonne, which is a place located in the east of Place de la Bastille, is one of the best places to go shopping in this region. This place houses the best boutiques in the area. You would be able to find a lot of trendy men and women’s outfits, and a number of other accessories at this place. Other attractions in this region include jewelry shops and home design, artisan workshops, art bookstores, a traditional record store, and a lot of awesome cafés.

Besides this, there are many trendy shops at this place selling stylish women’s footwear and ballet shoes, along with other quality leather accessories, most notably Repetto. You could find stylish vinyl designs both latest and old fashioned in Patate Records. You could also find many design objects and artisan jewelry at a fashionable concept store known as Sessun.

Food Market

You would be able to find conventional French goodies and sample luscious local produce too near the area surrounding Bastille. Boulevard Richard-Lenoir runs outdoor food markets twice every week. The open-air food market prevails every Sunday and Thursday from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm. Marché d’Aligre is yet another market a short distance away from this area that is loved by most people living here.

The best markets in the area include the open-air strip that goes along Rue d’Aligre and the Marché Beauvau market, that feature butchers, top-quality cheese makers, bakeries, and a number of wine bars. In both these markets, you would be able to find suppliers selling cheeses, fish, produce, fresh flowers, bread, and other customary goodies that look very attractive. You would be able to reach this market through two metro stops both Bastille and Ledru-Rollin stops.

You could visit the open-air market from Tuesday to Friday from 07:30 am to 01:30 pm, while the market would be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 07:30 am to 02:30 pm.