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Paris is not just a cosmopolitan city with numerous sights and festivities. It is also a great place to taste delicious pizzas. There are several pizza places in the city where you can find homegrown pizza. Below are some of the best Pizza places you can visit on your Paris city tour.

Da Vito

The pizzas here are blended with the tasty Lipari mushrooms and you can also get Prince de Paris ham. Note that the place is also known for its cocktails. For a better experience, you can enter the door at the back and reach a speakeasy-style bar. The Specialty of the place is Lipari.

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo is famous for its creative gourmet pizzas. The specialties include the Poulidor with smoked duck breast, apple, and goat cheese, and the Obama with ham and pineapple chutney. There are several options for you to try. Apart from these, the Basquiat which comes with dried figs, Auvergne ham, and Gorgonzola is a crowd favorite. The pizzas served here use organic flower crust. They have delivery services and they use bikes for this so that your carbon footprint stays small. Find this place in Marais and Montmartre.

Pizza Chic

Located in the Saint Germain area, this is one of the coolest pizza places in the French capital. Find excellent Carciofi along with Parmesan, arugula, and artichoke cream. You can also choose to try fresh arugula with cherry tomatoes in the Crudaiola. The Crudaiola and Carciofi are indeed among the best pizzas to try here. Although this is not the cheapest pizza place in the city, the pizzas served are worth the extra euro you spend here.

Maria Luisa

This pizza heaven is located close to the hip neighborhood of Canal Saint-Martin. The place may be crowded but your wait at the bar in the street will be rewarded when you taste the delicious pizzas served here. Classic Naples-style pizzas are available here. Do not forget to try the Diavola along with the spicy sausage.

La Briciola

This is a very simple pizzeria where locals equally visit along with travelers. Located in the Upper Marais area, you can find great white pies here. The pizzas come topped with speck ham and arugula. There is also delicious baked crust. This is loved by visitors even without the topping of any tasty tomato sauce.

Make sure you stop at one of the above pizzerias as you go through your Paris city tour.