Best Spots in Paris for Admirers of Design

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris is a city renowned for constructions from different times in history, and houses some of the most beautiful buildings in the country. There are several structures among these whose architecture is worth admiring. You can easily visit them after your standard Louvre guided tour. Below are some of the best spots in Paris that appeal to architecture enthusiasts.

Hotel Claude Passart

This hotel is a great example of the 17th-century architecture of the region. It was built on several medieval plots back in 1619-1620 by Gabriel de Soulignac, and an architect of the Guise family, for the secretary of King Louis XIII. The hotel has exquisite features that pull architecture buffs from all around. It has a grand entrance hall and library on a couple of levels. The interiors are glorious and captivating, especially to those that are beginners at admiring architecture.

Shakespeare And Company Bookstore

Shakespeare and Company is an iconic bookstore that sells English books. It is located on the banks of the Seine River opposite Notre Dame Cathedral. The place is located in the heart of Paris, and invokes a vintage feeling as you enter it. The place was established in 1951, and the old design has been preserved still. Overall, this is a great place to admire the bygone era, and a heaven for book lovers.

Place De Vosges

The Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in the French capital. The location of this palace overlaps the boundary that separates the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. The place was a favorite dwelling place for the financially superior classes during the 17th and 18th centuries.


The Saint Germain neighborhood is another great place to see in Paris, if you love observing the architectural beauty of the streets. With the cafes and shops lining the cobblestone streets, it is a typical Parisian experience altogether.

Restaurant Le Derrière

This Restaurant has a very attractive interior space. The insides resemble mid-century Parisian Homes. Its rooms are all decorated differently. Furthermore, they have a French Kitchen that serves delicious food. Overall, its location is a commonly frequented and easily accessible neighborhood.

Galerie Vivienne

One of the most attractive “Galeries” remaining in Paris, The Galerie Vivienne is a building that has remained largely unchanged since its establishment in 1823. The most eye-catchy features include the glass ceiling, and large-scale shop doors. The level of craftsmanship inside this place is indeed worth admiring at length.