Counting Stars at the French Opera House

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French Opera House

A royal French Opera at the Opéra de Paris aka Palais Garnier is easily accessible for those on Paris walking tours. The famous opera house was conceived in Beaux Arts style by Napoleon III. It is hardly any surprise the royal highness loved architecture, and the glitterati of 1870s art form.

Watching an Opera with Royal Highness

At night, an opera performer performs ballet to an audience of around 2000 people. Parisians can find their seat alongside royal Parisians who visit the opera house once in a while. It would take some concentration from the live audience to watch in pin drop silence. Opera house is decorated with chandeliers on top as per the wish of royal highness!

People Watching At the Opera House

People mingle with each other in the opera house either at the backstage or amidst the crowd in the stairwells. One such fabulous stairwell is approximately 100 feet high and is painted in white marble, green, red and black. The night opera in Paris blends in seamless crowds and they love to watch French symbols and statues from one of the staircases.

Spending a Grand Afternoon at Palais Garnier

The entrance to the opera house is somewhat similar to that of the Versailles Palace. If you are on Paris walking tours, visiting the opera house could be fulfilling. The ceilings at the opera are decorated by French painters and watching them can be rewarding for the tourists. The entrance is 500 feet long, so visitors would take some time to see all the paintings.

Taking an Inside Tour with Your Tour Guide

The hallways at the opera house are decorated with glittering mosaic ceilings, first of its kind outside Rome. Take your time with your Paris tour guide to find the rotunda, a dome room. The dome room is one of the private rooms at the Palais, allowing tourists to explore dome lights. One such dome is called Salon of the Sun; a dome emitting light toward mirrored walls.

The Palais Garnier stages opera day and night and throughout the week. The event is loved by Parisians and Europeans who count stars on the Paris city tour.