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If you had visited the city of Paris after the summer of 2018, you would have noticed that the electric scooters have become very common on the roads of Paris. It has become the means of transport of the young people in the city.

Advantages of Using an Electric Scooter

The increased usage of electric scooter as a means of transport is because of the tremendous advantages it has over the other means of transport. It is very practical and funny at the same time. Its eco-friendly nature and the fast access it offers to different places also complement to the experience of riding the electric scooters in Paris city.

There are many difficulties one has to face if he opts to travel by car in the city. The traffic always poses a serious threat to the journey on cars. The vehicles will be very thickly packed on the roads and driving can become a headache. There will be a lack of parking spaces and a huge time loss due to the traffic. The high parking fees is also a serious blow on the face of the visitors.

Using the electric scooters for your journey in the city can be so ideal because it saves your money and helps you reach faster to the destination.

So many companies produce the self-service electric scooters to be used in the city. Some companies even allow you to book the scooter beforehand so that you can reserve one of your preferences.

Using the Electric Scooters

It is very easy to use electric scooters in the city. The classic system is followed for this. You need to first download the application after which you need to locate an electric scooter on your map. On reaching the scooter, you can scan the bar code (QR code) on the handlebars of the scooter, to unlock the vehicle. After your use, you can return the scooter by parking it in some place where it would not disturb anyone.

Safety Measures for Riding the Electric Scooter

As the number of people using electric scooters is on the rise, the chance for accidents involving the scooters is also increasing. Therefore, it is very much necessary to take the proper safety measures to keep yourself safe while riding electric scooters.

Never Drive on the Roadway

As an electric scooter rider, you must not forget that you are considered as a pedestrian. You must be careful not to drive on the roadway and to stick to the sidewalk. Also, be careful to obey the traffic rules and to keep your eyes and ears open.

When you are driving on the sidewalk, watch out for kids and people who are using the sidewalk. Don’t drive in such a way that they can’t predict in which direction you will go. It is up to you to respect them and don’t expect them to get used to you.

The easiest and safe way of riding the electric scooter is to use the cycle track. But here also, give priority to the bikes. You must keep to the right and always keep a safe distance between you and the bikes.

Regulate your Speed

It is very important to manage the speed of the electric scooter. You can ride most of the scooters at a maximum speed of 25km/hr. However, it will be foolishness on your part to ride through the crowded city and streets at this speed. You will also be putting your and others’ lives at risk by doing this. It will be safe for you to drive at a speed of 6km/hr through the crowded streets.

You should be extra careful on wet areas, water drainage grills, pedestrian crossings, etc. Have control over your speed and also be able to control the scooter. In addition, be careful to maintain long braking distances while coming down a slope.

Protect Yourself

It is equally important to protect yourself by wearing proper safety equipment like a helmet, knee pads, and gloves. This can reduce the impact if by any chance you meet with an accident. If you are traveling with children, make sure this is done for them as well.

Places to Go on the Electric Scooter

At the onset, it may seem that Paris is not ideal for riding electric scooters because of its hectic nature. But there are many places in Paris city where you can enjoy the electric scooter ride.

Riding along the Parisian canals can be the best experience you can have on the electric scooters in the city. You may also try to do it in the parks. There isn’t any doubt that the electric scooters in Paris city are a great blessing to the locals as well as the tourists.