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The museums, cheese, wine, and the ‘joie de vivre’ are some of the main reasons why people visit France from time to time. This year is another special one for France as it prepares to celebrate some monumental anniversaries and play host to major sporting events.

A Significant Year for the Musée du Louvre

This year marks five-hundred years since the demise of Leonardo da Vinci. To commemorate the occasion, the Musée du Louvre will host an exhibition from October 24, 2019, to February 24, 2020. The exhibit devoted to Leonardo da Vinci will comprise his most celebrated paintings, scientific sketches, and works of art, especially those that he created in the country toward his life’s later stages.

He moved to Amboise, Loire Valley, in the 1510’s in order to take upon the role of the “First Painter, Engineer, and Architect to the King” for François I. Following Leonardo’s demise in 1519, his artworks brought to France were bought by the King and added to the French royal collection.

During your Paris City tour, you might also note that 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the glass pyramid in its courtyard. Beginning in March 2019, the Musée du Louvre will host fun events to honor this Instagram-worthy structure – expect a detailed schedule to be released anytime soon.

The Louvre Pyramid designed by I. M. Pei was opened in 1989 in order to commemorate the French Revolution’s bicentenary. The then French President, François Mitterand, wanted to commemorate it and recreate the entrance experience to accommodate the growing number of visitors every year. Ieoh Ming Pei was selected to create as well as execute its design, which has now become a sight to behold on Louvre Museum tours.

The Women’s FIFA World Cup

The Women’s World Cup is set to take the center stage from June 07 to July 07, 2019. In 2018, the French Men’s team won the FIFA World Cup. It sent the nation into raptures, so one can only imagine the kind of expectation it has from the women’s edition of the World Cup.

Its host cities comprise Paris, Grenoble, Nice, Reims, Lyon, Rennes, Montpellier, Valenciennes, and Le Havre. The opening match of the Women’s World Cup will take place between France and Korea Republic at the Parc des Princes. In case you want to visit the nation for the matches, you might want to consider booking accommodation and tickets sooner rather than later since it will get extremely busy very quickly.

D-Day Landings’ Seventy-Fifth Anniversary

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Paris Sightseeing Tours

France will commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Normandy Landings, from May 25 to June 16, 2019, with military parades, concerts, firework displays, and military camp reenactments. There will be a Norman Rockwell exhibition, too, at the Mémorial de Caen from June to October 2019. As per the Norman Rockwell Museum director, the exhibition “will show how Rockwell’s aspirational paintings shifted American attitudes towards engagement in the War in defense of the free world, and, ultimately, helped to make the case for universal human rights. In doing this, the exhibition reveals the enduring power of illustration to communicate ideas and inspire change.”

In July 2019, UNESCO will decide whether to welcome the nomination to make Normandy’s D-Day Beaches one of its World Heritage sites, so it will an extremely exciting summer season in this region of France. It will be a busy time, so you will want to arrange for accommodation in advance.

The Five-Hundredth Anniversary of the Renaissance in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley region itself is a reason to visit France in 2019, but it will be a particularly eventful and exciting place this year owing to the quincentenary of the French Renaissance. It will specifically commemorate the demise of Leonardo da Vinci, the beginning of the Château of Chambord’s construction, and Catherine de’ Medici’s birth.

Catherine de’ Medici and King François I were ardent supporters of the Renaissance movement. They encouraged the cultural and artistic ideas’ spread in the Loire Valley region. In 2019, it hopes to revive that same passion for culture and arts with a schedule of events at museums as well as the chateaux here, comprising Orleans’ FRAC museum, the Regional Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire, the Centre of Contemporary Creation Olivier Debré in the Tours city, among others.

In case you are based in the French capital during your stay, Loire Valley’s towns are reachable via train in a relatively short time. A trip from the City of Lights to Orleans usually takes around an hour while to Tours takes around 1 to 2 hours depending upon the type of train you board. From the Tours city, the Château de Chenonceau is around half an hour away, and Amboise is around twenty minutes away.