Exploring St Germain in your Paris Walking Tours

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Each of those monuments, streets, statues and everything in the City of Paris is to be introspected with utmost care to understand the hidden stories behind them. Any of such Paris walking tours could be the best possible option to embrace the Parisian culture at its best. In the neighborhood of Paris is the chic area of Saint Germain, known for its French eateries, churches and posh shops.

Les DeuxMagots /Café de Flore

It is basically a café situated nearby St Germain, which was established way back in 1885. Les DeuxMagots was once a noted spot for celebrities, fashionistas and local writers. The place is still visited by the French Royals and tourists alike, as they serve classic French delicacies in the Parisian way. A popular French drink named Apéritif is also provided here.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The scenic park resides in the Quai Malaquais, which can be reached quite effortlessly with a few minutes’ walk from St Germain. There are many beautiful spots like Rue de Buci, Pont Neuf and Pont Saint-Michel. These streets are specially designed to attract tourists from all across the world. They never fail to bring about the very essence of the rich Parisian culture.

Rue de Seine

A small walk from St Germain will take you to the beautiful street of Rue de Seine. After a few minutes of walk, you will reach Rue Jacob which is situated across a block. A tea house known as Ladurée will be welcoming you to taste the delicious Parisian macaron to feel the real Parisian way. The banks of River Seine have several art galleries to its kitty that are known worldwide.

Église Saint-Germain-des-Prés

The metro line 4 takes you to this old vintage cathedral dating back to 558AD. Gothic architecture along with its stained glass windows are featured beautifully in the cathedral. The visit to the place is free of cost, besides the fact that the place is comparatively less crowded than all other cathedrals in the city. The symphony concerts held regularly in the Cathedral are mesmerizing.

Quai Malaquais

Quai Malaquais is a riverbank at the end of the street of Rue de Seine. Located between the Musée d’Orsay and Beaux Arts School, the place is known for its many designer boutiques. Quite contrastingly, the other bank offer bookstands, or rather colloquially known as bouquinistes. There are an array of antique books, handmade paintings, vintage posters and postcards.