Exploring the Many Covered Passages of Paris

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The covered passages of Paris are little worlds in itself and a distinguishing trademark of the city. They represent a typical feature of Parisian architecture with glass roofs connected to the adjacent buildings so that the underneath space can accommodate shops, restaurants, and parlors. A walk through these covered passages is like stepping back in time 100 years back and witnessing the life of Paris.

These passages have everything under their roofs like some unique shops and restaurants. Visiting the various covered passages during a Paris city tour is an excellent way to understand Parisian life while also providing a rich shopping and culinary experience. Paris has about 20 of such covered passages each differing in their character and look. Below are some of the remarkable covered passages to visit in Paris.

Passage Brady

Located near the Gare de l’Est, the Passage Brady is known as Little India, as it houses many shops and restaurants run by Indians, Pakistanis, and Mauritians. The passage has the character of a typical Indian street and is one among the longest covered street in Paris. Passage Brady has numerous shops that sell a wide range of exotic goods like spices, oils, teas, etc., which are difficult to find in a conventional Parisian market.

Passage des Panoramas

Another top covered passage to visit in Paris is the Passage des Panoramas. It is known as the first covered passageway in Paris and was constructed in 1799. The Passage des Panoramas is one of the best-covered passages to visit because it still manages to have its antique charm and historical background. It contains the Theatre des Varietes that conducts various concerts and other programs for the visitors.

Passage du Prado

Passage du Prado is another major covered passageway in Paris. The passageway has a simplified atmosphere and has lesser crowds making it an ideal destination for shopping. The Passage du Prado contains a mixture of Pakistani restaurants, Thai fabric shops, and many others. The different shops located in the Passage du Prado gives a highly rewarding shopping experience for the visitors.

Passage du Caire

Passage du Caire is the oldest covered passages in Paris and was built in 1798. Besides the oldest, the Passage du Caire is also the longest and narrowest passage in Paris stretching to about 360 meters. The Passage du Caire is mainly known for its huge array of ready to wear clothing manufacturers making it an excellent place to buy some clothing.

Passage Choiseul

Passage Choiseul is also known for its splendid walkways and collection of various exotic shops and restaurants. This passage houses the Theatre des Bouffles, a renowned comedic opera house that holds several events. The Passage Choiseul is currently the best maintained passages in Paris and is definitely worth a visit.