Exploring the River Seine in Paris

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Exploring River Seine

A metropolitan city bordered by water gets identified from the waterways and the constantly moving traffic. The River Seine is symbolic of the bustling Paris city and its trade. River Seine flows through the heart of Paris city and borders most of the districts in Paris. It is also the third longest river in France.

The inflow starts from Source-Seine in the Northern France and sails past Normandy coast where it empties to the famous English Channel. The River Seine is the main source of water for Parisians and half the water consumed in Paris still comes through the river.

A Paris city tour is complete only if you take a romantic walk by the River Seine, and better yet, is you cruise through the Seine on an evening. It is said that tourists get perplexed about the “left bank” as well as the “right bank” of the river and spend hours on the streets in an attempt to figure out which side of the riverbank they stand on. However, the Seine’s curvy nature tends to make orientation somewhat tough for an alien traveler.

Worry not, if you are facing downriver, the left bank resides to the left side and the right bank to the right. If you are traveling alone and a Paris tour guide is not there to assist you, drop something into the River Seine and see whether the water flows downriver. Then you would be able to reach Café Les Deux Magots right in the nick of time, and orient Paris traffic.

More than thirty bridges cross over the Seine and some of them are very impressive sites to explore in Paris. Point Neuf, for instance, has been in Paris for ages and is made iconic by artists, poets, and even the 20th century movies. Across the Point Neuf, there is a hub that the riverboat tours use as a docking station nowadays.

The River Seine spans up to 777 kilometers and is a must-visit place during your Paris city tour. To get to the docking station across Point Neuf, go toward the Henri V statue and find the steps leading down to the dock. If you are a kind of person who loves watching boats all day long, then this would be a great hangout spot in Paris city.