Facts about Paris That May Surprise you

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Facts About Paris

You may know many important places in Paris and even would have visited the famous spots during your Paris city tour. However, there are many interesting facts about Paris that you might have never heard. Read on to know some of the surprising facts about Paris.

  • Paris was founded in the third century and was formerly called “Lutetia”.
  • The residents called themselves as “Parisii” and this is how the city got the name “Paris”.
  • There are 38 cities in the world with the name “Paris”, from the US to Sweden and even in Panama.
  • There are 173 museums, 1083 monuments, and 450 parks and gardens in this city.
  • There are around 400 movie screens in Paris and a 100 of them are operated by Art et Essai, France’s government art program.
  • Every day there are on an average of 10 commercial or film shoots in the streets of Paris.
  • The motto of Paris is “Fluctuat Ner Mergitur”, which means “Tossed but not sunk”, referring to a ship.
  • Shooting in Paris is free except for the scenes shot in a museum, garden or a swimming pool.
  • Due to its large area, the 16th arrondissement of Paris has two zip codes.
  • The statues around the Place de la Concorde represent eight large cities of France: Strasbourg, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Brest, Rouen, and Bordeaux.
  • The Roman numerals inscribed on the Place de la Concorde are the numbers of a sundial and the shadow of the pillar functions to give the time.
  • The highest skyscraper in France is the 231 meters Tour First tower located in the business quarter of La Défense.
  • Until 2012, there was only one single “Stop” sign in the entire city of Paris, and now, even that has been removed.
  • There are dozens of pianos in the train stations of Paris. This project “Play me, I’m yours” was initiated by the SNCF.
  • The station Porte des Lilas was established as a shuttle between 7bis and 3bis, but today is used for filming.
  • Out of the 10 Statues of Liberty in France, five of them are located in Paris.
  • The 4,360m long Rue Vaugirard street located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris is the longest street in the city.
  • Located at the sixth arrondissement, Le Procope is the oldest café in Paris that was founded in 1686.